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Dr. Lin was born in 1944 and educated in Taiwan as an MD in 1970. He moved to the US in 1974 to explore and enjoy more free space for majoring in life and urology as well as for breathing more real fresh air of freedom, democracy, and rule of laws., which were lacking in Taiwan then.


In the US, he received six-year training through the University of Missouri, Nebraska, and Michigan Medical Centers and became a board-certified urologist in 1980, and, soon afterward, went into private medical practice lasting 25 years, and later into serving the US military/veteran for 13+ years.


Two years into medical practice, he quickly realized the very reality and limit of what medicine can do for patients and the ill effect of commercial and professional misleading in life. So, he has striven medical care beyond medications and procedures, and that has worked in many of his patients and encounters.


To Campaign What More Could Be Done Beyond Medication and Surgery, he built the blog, website, wrote books about life reality as follows:



  • All Lives Matter

  • What is Life?

  • Return to Land of Happiness

  • Basics of Life Reality & Self-care

  • Perfecting Sex Life

  • How to Handle Sickness?

  • Sex Life, Erectile Dysfunction...

  • Prostate Cancer - Screening, Diagnosis, and Care

  • Voiding Trouble - BPH and Care of Related Issues



1. Perfect Sex for men & for the women who love them, published in 1998, ISBN: 1-882792-51-3. To view its content, click Perfect Sex...; to buy, click


2. What is Life? - to live a controlled, realistic, happy life, an award-winning book. ISBN: 1-4196-1902-0. To view its contents, click facts of life. It was published in January 2011 and earned two awards. Available at


3. Peacemaking - for detail, just click the following blue words - Preface; - Introduction; - Approach; - What is life?

- Strategy and Tactics; - Application; - Conclusion.


Dr. Lin retired in 2018 after a total of 38+-year medical services as mentioned above, during which he saw, counseled patients, performed many minor and major traditional and high-tech urological procedures for urinary and genital organs/systems with minimal complication rate.


After Retirement

He determines to proactively help more people in the world, not just in the US, to explore and live a realistic, healthy, long, happy life because he believes that every life is a piece of global common property of all humans to live not just for self but for all as well and as long as possible.


Read on to identify our constantly same common goals, contents, and ways of living of All Lives Matter (ALM) - well beyond Black Lives Matter (BLM) or White Lives Matter (WLM).



  • Universal Healthy Lifestyle with quality direct self-service should be the core foundation of all medical care and the very key to longevity.

  • The present quality and quantity of an entity represent the ultimate accumulation of its own past; entity could be individuals or groups of any size of as small as a couple to as big as the world. So, doubtlessly, the strength and characters of a group represent the ultimate accumulation of the strength and characters of its participating members.

  • There is no magic in life. If any, that is to apply currently available knowledge, skill, technology, medication, common sense, and wisdom at a reasonable time in a reasonable way to a reasonable person since no one is perfect. Despite medical advances, all medical care today is still passive in approach and indirect in nature. Read on to explore more like concepts and practice for a better life.


Wish and Dream

Before my turn of the permanent departure of life, together, we can build a worldwide online community to get on a long march to help one another live a long happy life for all.

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