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a Most Realistic Book to Perfect Men's Sex

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Written by certified experienced urologist for patients and public who....
Paper Book to realistically perfect men's sex life

Dear Gentlemen,

Maximize the power of self-care for sex life before visiting your private doctor or urologist; this effort will benefit self and healthcare system immensely, and you are in a realistic control of your own life.

That is what and why the book -"Perfect Sex for men and for women who love them" came along to help at a nominal cost and effort.

On the course of life passage, many men will suffer from some forms of sexual dysfunction, notably erectile dysfunction (ED).Perfect Sex... is written to realistically guide these men to identify, improve, and recover their losing sexual function from aging and diseases to a great achievable degree.

You will be amazed how much you should and can do for and by yourself before, during and after seeking for the care by medical professionals. The style of presentation is realistic by avoiding commercially common unrealistic catchwords such as free, guaranty, instant, cure, best, perfect but by emphasizing something reasonable.

Known to all, there is no magic in medicine; if any, that is to apply currently available knowledge, skill, technology and medications to a right patient at a right time in a right way under a certain circumstance. That is all what medical professionals can do.

ISBN is 1-882792-51-3, Paper back, 224 pages. Available at


Contents of "Perfect Sex for men & for the women who love them"

- a realistic guide for all responsible, fulfilling adults: singles or couples, parents, patients, physicians, social, legal & sexual educators & counselors.


Review its contents follows:


My Mission as Urologist Writer

Part I General Consideration of Sex Life

1. Values of Sex Life

  • Primitive Value of Sex Life

  • Traditional Value of Sex Life

  • Contemporary Value of Sex Life - a Call for Justice and Respect

2. Social Impact of Sex Life

3. Recognition and Re-positioning of the Importance of Sex Life

Part II A Brief on Anatomy and Function of Genital Tract of Males and Females

4. Origin of Sexual Organs

5. Structure and Function of the Penis

6. Comparison between Male and Female Sexual Organs

Part III The Road to Perfect Sex

7. What is Perfect Sex? - Three Analogies

8. Simplified Dynamics of Sexual Performance

9. Phases of Perfect Sex

  • Indirect Foreplay

  • Direct Foreplay

  • Sexual intercourse, Orgasm, and Ejaculation

  • Resolution and Recovery

10. Principles to Reach Perfect Sex

  • With Whom to Have Sex?

  • When to Have Sex?

  • Where to Have Sex?

  • A Mutual Respect for Sexual Partner & How to Act and Have Perfect Sex in Your Life.

  • Safe Sex – a Precaution against Sexually Transmitted Diseases

11. A Contemporary Case Study

12. Secrets of Obtaining a Perfect Sex Life

13. Artistic View of Sex Life

Part IV Sexual Difficulties in Men

14. Basic Requirements for a Good Sexual Performance

15. What are Sexual Difficulties in Men

16. Erectile Difficulties as the Main Issue

17. Common Causes for Sexual Difficulties in Men

18. Evaluation of Sexual Difficulties in Men

19. Treatment Options for Male Sexual Difficulties

  • Level 0 Expectant Treatment (or No Treatment)

  • Level 1: Basic Sex Counseling

  • Level 2: Medications by Mouth or by Local Penile Injection

  • Level 3: Assisted Erection with Vacuum Constriction Device

  • Level 4: Implantation of Penile Prosthesis – the Last Resort

20. A Few Words on Nutrition, "Accessories", and Sex

21. Reassessment of the Effects of Treatment

22. A Few Words of Caution Against Overuse and Abuse of Devices or Medications

23. Disorders of Sexual Desire (Libido)

24. Disorders of Ejaculation and Orgasm

25. A Summary of Causes and Treatment Options for Male Sexual Difficulties

Part V A Brief on Potential Sexual Perversions

26. What are Abnormal Sexual Behaviors?

27. What is the Social Implication of Abnormal Sexual Behaviors

Part VI Conclusion and General Advice

28. Conclusion on Perfect Sex

29. General Advice for Realistic, Safe Sex Life

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