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Fake News?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Fake News? 假新聞?

Background and Reality ; 背景與現實

Nowadays, especially over the past 1-2 years, the questions or concerns on potentially fake news are on a constant rise and have become a real great worry for all and an undeniable threat to society.


Why Do Fake News and Media Prevail? ; 為什麼虛假新聞和媒體盛行?

The cost of manufacturing misinformation and disinformation is very low as compared to that for correcting the incurred damage - social unrest - from misinformation and disinformation. That is why the CCP and its collaborating KMT so love to produce fake news to damage Taiwan and the free world to induce self-consumption, self-weakening, self-destructing, and finally self-demising without dispatching a soldier.

與糾正因錯誤信息和虛假信息引起的破壞(社會動盪)相比,製造錯誤信息和虛假信息的成本非常低。 這就是為什麼中共及其合作的國民黨如此熱衷於製造虛假新聞以破壞台灣和自由世界,從而在不派遣士兵的情況下引起自我消費,自我削弱,自我毀滅並最終自我消亡。

Purpose of Fake News? 假新聞的目的?

It is designed to mislead the targeted audience - the public for the self-interest to grab and secure a tight control of money and power for persons or parties or companies.


Origin of Fake News ; 假新聞的來歷

Fake news comes from the mouths of the middlemen of society, i.e., politicians, acting as the potential creator and interpreter of, and connector between God in the upper tier of society and the ordinary in the lower tier of society as well as the controller and manipulator of the ordinary in the lower tier of society as detailed in "Forever Constant Social Structure". At times, the middlemen could be the managers of companies.


Forms of Fake News ; 假新聞的形式

Fake news is maliciously manufactured and presented in two forms or their combination with misinformation and/or disinformation.


With misinformation, the news is specifically manufactured with some uneven incomplete presentation with some distortion of various degrees so as to mislead the targeted audience.


With disinformation, all components of the news are skillfully fictionalized to make it look like something real.


Of course, a hybrid form with mixes of misinformation and disinformation may be required and used to serve the need for misleading.

當然,可能需要混合使用錯誤信息和 evailed everywhere for different circumstances. Yet, considering the scale of fake news, the CCP of China is leading the pack of fake news and hence to be the master of such for brainwashing and misleading the free world into its total control with socialism and communism.


The Outcome of Fake news

Correcting the damage like personal and social unrest by fake news needs a lot of resources of manpower and money, that is, unnecessary self-consumption, which naturally leads to self-weakening, self-conflicting, self-destroying, and eventually self-demising.



What could be the common characters of being fact or fake, or being true or false? 事實或假冒,真實或假冒的共同特徵是什麼?

1. Consistency in contents and styles in presentations before and after the related key events - incurred or incurring - such as the 11/3/2020 US Presidential election is indicative of being true or fact; if not, fake or false.


2. Consistent evenness and fairness in presentations before and after the key related events are indicative of being true and fact; if not, fake or false.


3. Use personal or mask appearance in presentations; true and fact personal appearance tends to be true and fact but the appearance on facemask tends to be fake or false.


4. Any connection with money, special privilege/convenience, and sex matter indicates something to hide; watch out!


5. Negative or positive online digital popularity over time before and after the key related events;


6. Stand the test of common sense and time, that is, true and fact; if not, fake or false.


7. Evenly and fairly stressing the good and bad points of the events with no suspicion of private or public media digital censorship, that is, true or fact' if not, fake or false.

7. 在不懷疑私人或公共媒體數字審查制度的情況下,公平公正地強調事件的優缺點,即如果不是,則為真或事實,否則為假或假。

In Sum

Being fake is more connected with fabricated disinformation with no fact at all or misinformation with little or some facts for confusing the public - usually voters; being false is more connected with misinformation but with some maliciously selected facts for distortion.

偽造更與虛假信息聯繫在一起,根本沒有事實依據。 虛假與錯誤信息更多有關,但與一些惡意選擇的失真事實有關。


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