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Kindness and Generosity? 仁慈和慷慨?

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Introduction and Background

Almost all people hearing "you are so kind and generous, thank you!" will be pleased and even flattered. And we have heard this among people almost every day. And surely such a social atmosphere should exude the feeling of happiness to solidify a long-lasting peace if it is true. To me, I would like to see true social harmony and peace prevail for all if any possible. Yet, what is the reality in life?



What is Kindness?

It is a highly welcome social virtue or etiquette anywhere we go if wanting to be welcome. How would we show we are kind? Usually, we put up a smiling face, bow, extend a hand, and speak in the best possible tone to timely attract attention and to induce a favorable response to meet what we like, want, love, and need. In a sense, kindness is visible but with no touchable substance. Yet, to perfect the intended effect of kindness is still requiring a lot of learning and practice leading to a common saying of a good social gesture. In speaking of gesture, it connotes a strong hidden meaning of pretense.




How About Generosity?

Largely speaking, generosity connotes an offering more than usually necessary. Known to us, all actions are motivated by the feeling or sense of "Would this be good or bad for me?". If good, go for it as soon as possible; if bad, get out quickly. Furthermore, what is the content of sense being good or bad?

Clearly, such a sense always consists of some kinds of spiritual and/or physical values with their variable ratio to reflect the balance among time, place, circumstance, and personal quality and quantity of spiritual and physical values, abilities, and capacities, which we have built and accumulated over a lifetime.




How Real Could Kindness and Generosity Be?

I am sure you might have heard someone beats their own face to swell to pretend to be a fat person. In other words, someone tends to be ostentatious or fluffy or bluffy to overexpress and show off their kindness and generosity to make them look good in front of others though they are indeed in shortage and need.



Have Kindness and Generosity Ever Existed?

No, never.

In brief, kindness and generosity have never really existed; if ever and any, they are merely the byproducts after personal abundance and comfort. Hence, if we genuinely want to help, love, serve, and care for others, we have to enrich our own spiritual and physical values, abilities, and capacities first. Otherwise, all saying of kindness and generosity is just lip service with no substance.




Where and In Whom Can We Most Often See Exaggerate Kindness and Generosity?

Easily be found in many politicians, especially in the corrupted ones who would give tons of promises to voters during campaigns. Known to us, all their promises are fulfilled by taxpayers' money and they never pay tax more than all ordinary taxpayers like you and me.

Similarly and notably, many white-collar professionals would behave exactly in the same way with superb sweet talk and sympathy to trap their clients to pay more than necessary because their clients have great third-party payment plans for services from medical and legal professionals.

So, if kindness and generosity to others are accomplished at the expense of others' money, such kindness and generosity are not genuine at all but manipulative for self-interest through abusing their professional political power.





How Do You View the so-called COVID-19 Stimulus Package Chiefly orchestrated by the Democrats in the US?

According to the available analysis and investigation, less than 10 percent of the package is really directed for the COVID-19-related consequences. In fact, most of the package is misallocated to please their future voters, that is, the abuse of power for party self-interest or another form of seemingly legal votes-buying bribery.



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