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List of Common Sense - Truth & Facts of Life

Updated: May 4, 2021

Background 背景

Here below I would like to share a list of common sense, which could be considered as currently available truth and facts of life, and yet concurred by my prior patients, their families, and the public.


These points listed represent my personal and professional lifelong observation, collection, analysis, and summary about life in general and about some useful information about the diseases of the genitourinary system and organs over a span of some 25 years. As a result, the common sense of the same meaning may be somewhat repetitive and even redundant to a degree but stressing their significance for our daily living.


The list is, but not limited to, as follows:


1. Goal of Life : 1.人生目標

The ultimate dream and goal of life are to look nicer, feel better, and live longer.


2. Path of Life? : 2.生活之路?

Life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation from inception to eternity.


3. Key Features of Life : 3.生活的主要特徵

Life is not just a serious, tough, and rough business but also a constantly changing, adjusting, dynamic process of self-service.


3. Free and Forever in Life? : 3.自由和永遠的生命?

In life, nothing is free and everything comes with a price; nothing is priceless but time and so is life; nothing lasts forever except time, space, and potentially religious eternal life.



5. How to Lead Our Life? : 5.如何過我們的生活?

Every act is driven by the sense of need for acquiring food so to survival and growth and fulfilling sex life for procreation; quality direct self-service can bring about a reserve of energy to search, improve, and perfect the related matters for food and sex life. These go around in the circle of daily living of all human beings.


Simply put, living life is merely for two holes, consisting of the upper hole – mouth to eat and drink for survival and growth and the lower hole – genital opening to copulate for procreation; then we hope we have a good time and a good life; eventually, in time we will die to eternity. Furthermore, this concept also coincides with what Confucius stated thousands of years ago that "eat and sex" are the innate features of human life. That is life.


6. What is in Soap Opera? : 6. Soap Opera中有什麼?

The activities to acquire foods and to fulfill sex life have displayed the beauty and ugliness of personal and social life.


7. Fundamental Cause for Unrest : 7.動亂的根本原因

Malfunction in distributing the power and resources for food and sex life ferments chaos and eventually rouses violence.


8. Key Resolve for Happiness : 8.解決幸福的關鍵

The solution for unhappiness, chaos and violence is to normalize the process of fair distribution of the power and resource for foods and sex, which will surely bring back a long-lasting peace at sight and alive.


9. Why to Have Relationships in Life : 9.為什么生活中要有關係

The sense and wish for mutual benefit urge the involved parties to start building a relationship; an available platform filled with universal values to promote, modify, and fulfill the promise for mutual benefits ensures and keeps a relationship lasting. So, a relationship is intended to achieve a higher level of self-service, which individuals can not accomplish if they live alone. A relationship can be the one that you are with your own life, spouse, family, friends, churches, companies, schools, organizations, institutions, country, and the world.


10. Value of Upset : 10.沮喪的價值

Dissatisfaction is the motive for betterment; it forges need; need urges action; action displays the value and brings in what we need, like, love, and want, but not at the expense of others’ pain, suffering, and loss.


11. How to Harmonize Life? : 11.如何協調生活?

To keep harmony at work, we should never get what we like, love, want, and need at the expense of others’ pain, suffering, and loss through manipulating others' greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of imbalanced power and the disguise of deception under hidden agenda, resulting in our gain is someone's loss; that is not acceptable in living for mutual benefits.


12. How to Preserve Energy? : 12.如何節約能源?

Energy (or functional reserve) comes from quality direct self-service, which no one can do for us.


13. Who Are You? : 13.你是誰?

We are the accumulation of our own past, including the way we are born, that is, internal genetic factors, and the ways we are raised up in the family, educated, lived, and experienced over a lifetime, that is, external acquired factors; the interaction between internal and external factors form personal unique spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity, which we rely on to unfold an active vibrant life.

我們是自己過去的積累,包括我們的出生方式 - 內部遺傳因素以及我們在家庭中的成長,受教育,生活和經歷的方式 - 外部獲得性因素;內部和外部因素之間的相互作用構成了個人獨特的精神和身體價值,能力和能力,我們依靠這些價值來展現積極活躍的生活。

14. Ideal Life Display? : 14.理想生活展示?

An ideal life is to be active and vibrant so as to look nicer, feel better, and live longer; to accomplish that, we need to be able to deliver and display a continual flow of actions.


15. Ever Be Best? : 15.永遠是最好的嗎?

In reality, no life event has been perfect, best, excellent, guaranteed, free, and instant; but it is just reasonable at a time and a place under a circumstance to a person.


16. Realistic Control of Life : 16.現實生活控制

It is wise and beneficial to do something under our control now and not to waste our time to think, worry, and talk about those beyond our control, such as our past because we cannot do anything about it.


17. Constant Path of Life : 17.永恆的生活之路

The path of life is the same for all, dotted with the scenes of being born, growing up, getting old, experiencing sickness and illness, and eventfully dying to eternity.


18. Permanent Traces and Marks of Living 18.永久的痕跡和生活痕跡

Anything that happens to us along the path of life will stay with us forever, leave its spiritual and physical marks, and, sooner or later, reflect somewhere and sometimes down the path of life. Therefore, always be aware of everything we do now.


19. Magic in Medicine? : 19.醫學魔術?

There is no magic in life and medicine. If any, that is to work together and apply all currently available knowledge, skill, technology, medication, and common sense at a reasonable time in a reasonable way to a reasonable person. Then we hope the possible best and we have to move along.


20. Importance of Lifestyle : 20.生活方式的重要性

More than 60% of the power for longevity comes from lifestyle leading to self-preservation, not from medical care, which only contributes less than 10%.


21. Origin of Disease : 21.疾病的起源

The disease is the expression of the ending result of lifelong interaction between our internal genetic factors and external acquired factors.


22. Spectrum of Disease : 22.疾病譜

A disease is a process of not just lifelong making but also full spectrum; in time, acute sickness emerges and, in the end, chronic illness follows; then functional reserve declines, gradually the living ability ceases, and finally we die to eternity and through the endless recycles of nature.


23. Body Gets Mad and Disease Follows? : 23.身體發瘋,疾病隨之而來?

The disease is the speaking-out loud of our body, Enough. That is enough. to us. Please always graciously understand, realize, accept, and respect the truth and facts of life and take personal responsibility; there is no one else to blame but ourselves.


24. Causes of Diseases : 24.疾病原因

The cause of a disease always consists of TWO aspects (or layers):

a. its underlying causes, which are the accumulation of ill effects from the inevitable aging process and controllable lifestyle, and

b. its precipitating causes such as accidents, surgery, medication, pain, positioning, anxiety, etc., which are what medical professionals can adjust and modify to allow our body to undertake its self-healing process.




25. Natural Power of Self-healing : 25.自我修復的自然力量

Our body possesses a tremendous power of self-healing, which is constantly at work. To keep it working at its best, we have to maintain an optimal state of mental and physical health through the effort of self-care and direct self-service, leading to self-preservation – the key to a long happy life.


26. Deferring Medical Attention? : 26.推遲就醫?

Patients seek medical attention for their sickness usually at the time after they have experienced and accumulated enough amount of personal inconvenience, embarrassment, and suffering.


27. Best Possible Care : 27.可能的最佳護理

To achieve the best possible care in medicine and life, we should all work together, mobilize all potential, available resources not just from the inside of ourselves but also from the outside of anyone and anything around us, and then apply all currently available knowledge, skills, technology, medications, and common sense at a reasonable time in a reasonable way to a reasonable patient. But remember: Not at the expense of others’ pain, suffering, and loss.


28. Code of Honor and Conduct : 28.榮譽與行為守則

For lasting peace, we should respect and observe the code of honor, that is, not to get what we like, want, love, and need through manipulating others’ greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of mental, physical, occupational, political, or administrative power and the disguises of deception under hidden agenda.


29. Just One Chance at One Time! : 29.一次只有一次機會!

Life is a short one-way street along which we're only allowed to make a decision and take an action at a moment in a location under a circumstance. As soon as a decision is made and an action is taken and delivered, we have to graciously and responsibly embrace its consequence and move on.


30. Inherent Rights and Obligations of Life : 30.生命的固有權利和義務

While we have a right to come on the stage of life to display the value of our existence, we also have an obligation to leave there timely and graciously in order to keep the balance and procession of endless recycling of life in check.


31. A Dynamic Process! : 31.動態過程!

Life is a constantly changing, adjusting dynamic process of self-service. Hence, a mechanism to reflect and materialize the need for self-service should always prevail and be in action; if not, unrest emerges and chaos ensues.


32. Always Be Same Goal, Content, and Way of Life : 32.永遠是相同的目標,內容和生活方式

The path of life has never changed over time and location. Regardless of race, gender, religion, occupation, and education, the essence of life has always been the same - i.e., to fulfill the need for survival, growth, procreation, and continuation, directly or indirectly through a process of observing, collecting, analyzing, dissecting, and summarizing the activities to fulfill a timely need for searching, improving, and perfecting the matters of foods and sex life.


33. Never Born Equal : 33.從不平等

We are never born equal, but we have an equal opportunity to use whatever comes with our life, i.e., the innate natural resources inside us so as to make the best of who we are.


34. Why Do We Live together? : 34.我們為什麼一起生活?

In essence, the fundamental reason to get or live together is to advance and achieve a higher level of self-service which we cannot have or accomplish if we live alone. This fact applies to all forms of relationships such as those with a spouse, family, coworker, relative, church, organization, society, nation, and the world.


35. Life is Self-serving! : 35.生命是自私的!

All biological entities have always to be self-centered for constantly self-serving so to secure their own survival, growth, procreation, and continuation; so do all human beings.


36. Perfection? : 36.完美嗎?

No place, person, or circumstance could be perfect. In life, perfection and excellence would and will never be, but perfecting and excelling should be. In fact, we are only possible to work from imperfection and inferiority toward perfection and excellence


37. Mandatary Duty to Nation and Democracy : 37.人力資源對國家和民主的責任

As the former conscientiously courageous US President J. F. Kennedy openly admitted: democracy is not perfect, there has been no other better system ever invented yet. In fact, democracy has been the most sophisticated system ever built to distribute and redistribute limited social and political power and resource, hoping to assure harmony in fulfilling the

matters for food and sex life for all if possible. After all, it is still largely under the mercy of the smart elite minority in power - the collective emperor.


38. Existence of Kindness and Generosity? : 38.存在善良和慷慨嗎?

An offering of pure kindness and generosity has never really happened and existed; it is merely the byproducts of personal spiritual and physical abundance and comfort. Abundance alone is not enough for the possessors to offer some share of kindness and generosity; if ever, they have to be mentally comfortable and secure to release their abundance.


39. Act is Always For What is Good or Bad for Me? : 39.行為永遠是對我有利還是不利?

The process of life and living requires a continuous flow of delivering spiritual and physical activities; it is driven by the sense of need, i.e., what can be good or bad for me?


40. Nothing Wrong to Be Self-serving : 40.自我服務沒什麼錯

It is absolutely nothing wrong to be self-serving as long as what we get is not at expense of someone's spiritual and physical pain, suffering, and loss. Generally speaking, such undesirable self-serving is usually accomplished by manipulating others' greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with various forms of tactics of power and disguise of deception under hidden agenda. This pattern of behaviors should be adopted as the general universal principle of the act and applied to all the events on all stages of life in the world if we genuinely wish to create an enduring peace.

只要我們所獲得的一切不以犧牲某人的精神和肉體上的痛苦,痛苦和損失為代價,那麼自我服務絕對是沒有錯的。一般而言,這種不良的自我服務通常是通過以各種形式的權力策略和欺騙手段操縱他人的貪婪,無知,焦慮和恐懼來實現的。 在隱藏的議程下。如果我們真正希望創造持久的和平,則應將這種行為方式作為該行為的普遍普遍原則,並適用於世界生活各個階段的所有事件。

41. Always Reciprocate Rights and Obligations : 41.永遠交往權利和義務

While every human being has the right to be self-serving, they should also carry out their share of obligation to help each other fulfill the need of self-serving for food and sex life. So, every being can make the best of who she/he is.


42. Nothing is Ever Free! : 42.沒有什麼是永遠免費的!

There has been no free meal or service. Someone has to pay a price somewhere in some way to generate and make the “free” meal or service available. In fact, the advertisement of something free is merely a public ploy of deception; it generates a strong negative impact on the effect of education.


43. Every Life is Always A Piece of Common Property of the world


Understand the inevitable relationship between an individual and the world: The strengths and characters of any groups such as families, churches, institutions, companies, organizations, governments, and even the world represent the ultimate accumulation of the strengths and characters of all their participating members. That is why the process of peacemaking should start out from the within of an individual.

了解個人與世界之間不可避免的關係:家庭,教會,機構,公司,組織,政府乃至世界等任何群體的力量和性格都代表了最終的目標 積累所有參與成員的優勢和品格。這就是為什麼建立和平的進程應從個人內部開始。

44. Good Use of Invisible Natural Resources : 44.善於利用無形的自然資源

To optimize the strength, power, and foundation of peacemaking, we have to properly explore and fully utilize our inborn inner invisible natural resources. Unfortunately, most people have either under-used, or overused, or misused, or abused, and even destroyed the innate resources knowingly or unknowingly altogether.


45. Formula to Corruption - How to Stop It? - Draw a Line Timely!

45.腐敗公式-如何制止腐敗? -及時劃一條線!

Traditional civilized respect toward one's education and social position will always bring about privilege; privilege naturally forges convenience; convenience is prone to frequent use; frequent use may evolve to overuse; overuse oftentimes leads to misuse; misuse nudges into abuse; finally, corruption emerges at an overdrive of abuse. This happens to all kinds of relationships in all walks of life, notably by manipulative politicians.


46. The Surest Very First Step for Change & Improvement

46. Surest變革和改進的第一步

The first step to change, adjust, and control our life is honestly, willingly, and courageously to face, realize, understand, and accept the available truth and facts of the detailed sequence of incurred and incurring events of life.


47. Emphasis on Who We Are : 47.強調我們是誰

What we are today represents what we have been in the past and makes what we will be in the future. So, we are the accumulation of our own past, comprising how the way we were born, i.e., internal genetic factors and how the way we have been raised in the family, educated in schools, lived in the society, and experienced in jobs over a lifetime - i.e., external acquired factors. Both form our personal unique quality and quantity of spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity, which we apply to interact with internal and external environments so to survive, grow, and unfold our life.


48.Re-emphasis on No Magic in Medicine : 48.重新強調醫學上沒有魔術

There has been no magic in life and medicine. If any, that is to work together and apply all currently available knowledge, skill, technology, medication, common sense, and wisdom in a reasonable way at a reasonable time to a reasonable person. Then, we have to hope for the possible best, move along, and blame no one else.


49. Everything is Always in Its Full Spectrum : 49.萬事萬物

Every life event not only represents a process of lifelong making but also displays over a pattern of full spectrum.


50. Realistic Feature of Medical Care : 50.醫療的現實特徵

Despite constantly touting medical advances, all the medical care delivered today is still passive in action - not proactive - and still based on indirect evidence resulting from continual collection and analysis of experience.


51. Cure? : 51.治愈嗎?

Medical professionals have never cured anyone yet. At most and at best, they just merely apply currently available knowledge, use medication, perform the procedure, and modify lifestyle to enhance and support the internal and external environment to optimize the natural healing process for optimal functional recovery with our own residual strength.


52. Re-stress Nothing is Perfect; Never Be Best but Always Be Better.


While we welcome and like the words such as perfect, best, excellent, free, cure, instant, guaranty, or special to soothe, numb, and please each other every day, the scenes fitting these descriptive words have never existed in real life. In fact, everything we do in life has never been perfect but is always conditional, at most and at best, just reasonable.


53. Real Causes for Unhappiness : 53.真正不快樂的原因

The origin of unhappiness results from the personal inability to capture and secure the sense of comfort and control of daily living because of lacking personal energy and ability to make the good and right decision and to take good and right action so as to rake in the good and right outcome to meet and satisfy what we like, love, want, and need at a time in a location under a circumstance.

Solution? Easy and simple for all willing souls. For detail, welcome to peruse some articles in and some chapters in What is Life? - to live a controlled, realistic, happy life.


解決方案?對於所有願意的靈魂,簡單易行。有關詳細信息,歡迎仔細閱讀www.formefirst.com上的某些文章以及“什麼是生命?”中的某些章節。 -過有控制,現實,幸福的生活。

54. Impact of Political Correctness and Commercialism on Life


To an extent and in a sense, life is not as what glorified and beautified by political correctness and commercialism but a process of being a pain in the neck and ache in the butt; aging itself is a form of handicap which inevitably and surely worsens over time.


55. What is Direct Self-service? : 55.什麼是直接自助服務?

Direct self-service - the Magic Pill for Life, consists of the following five ingredients of living:

1) Eat, enjoy, and control foods; don't let foods control us.

2) Conduct quality mental and physical exercise without overindulgence and obsession every single day.

3) Sleep 6-8 hours, preferably at night, every single day.

4) Mediate to reinforce spiritual and physical reconnection, and pray if religious.

5) Follow reasonable, realistic, medical advice as needed by applying the currently available knowledge, skill, technology, medication, procedures at a reasonable time under reasonable circumstances.







56. Thoughts to Motivate Ourselves : 56.激勵自己的思想

When we feel difficult to practice the high-quality direct self-service, please just mull over the following five points of reality - the Magic Pill to Push-up / over:

1) Nothing is free; everything comes with a price.

2) Only time and life are truly priceless and irreplaceable, and only the passage of both is forever not diamonds as commercially promoted.

3) There is no better regimen for a long happy life than direct self-service as described above.

4) Drugs, procedures, sweet talks, and sympathy alone, in the long run, would not help us much, but empathy to understand and accept the truth and facts of life plus timely actions to take the Magic Pill for Life to materialize the reality of life will do a lot.

5) No one else can do for us, not sweet talk, sympathy, drug, or surgery, but ourselves.







Note : 筆記

Thank you for reading the post. Please leave comments and suggestions for improvement below.


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