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Magic Secrets and Tips for Weight Control

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Background - Social impact and Controversy

Over the last few decades, overweight to obesity has gradually emerged as an important issue of personal and social health for the majority of Americans. Such a pressing health issue for weight control has forged a number of commercial opportunities. Therefore, many regimens have been designed and developed to meet this need. However, almost all available regimens have failed to meet the test of time for a long-term effectiveness.

On paper and presentation, all regimens appear impressive and attractive, especially for lay public. In reality, practicing the instructions from weight loss programs would become a full-time job, which makes them impractical for average people. Furthermore, the public just do not have sufficient resource to carry out the proposed program realistically except they are rich and have nothing to do in life. On the top of these drawbacks, all the programs almost always have one thing in common, that is, to sell you something.

Please remember that authors of various weight loss programs are smart people who received extensive professional and commercial training. They all understand how to present their "wonderful" ideas in a very attractive, commercial format, but impractical.


To overcome the challenge in transforming the ideas to actions to curb overweight and obesity, the following regimen is designed with an emphasis on its simplicity and easiness to follow. The key points of this regimen are:

1. Gear up your determination with a sense of burning the bridge to do something for yourself by yourself with decreasing oral consumption and increasing physical activities constantly and persistently.

2. Understand that no magic pill is available. Your determination and action are the best possible magic pills you can have.

3. Take the following actions:

3.1 From the next meal, cut down oral intake by one quarter (1/4). Within one to two months, gradually, cut down oral intake by one third (1/3). Finally, within 3-4 months, cut down oral intake by one half (1/2) and stay at that level.

3.2 Consume a wide variety of foods as many as you can get but decrease their amount proportionally, cooperate with and follow your doctor’s specific instruction to adjust your needed medications If you have special concerns for cardiovascular, hepatic or renal health, please follow the instructions from your specialist of the field.

3.3 Minimize the consumption of carbohydrate containing simple sugar.

3.4 Resist the temptation to eat snacks between meals.

3.5 Gradually, increase your physical activities as tolerable and as much as possible.

3.6 Weigh yourself twice a week under the same condition at the same time of the day and keep a serial record of bodyweight.

In general, you will decrease your weight by one quarter (1/4) or one half (1/2) and even to one (1) pound a week.

Please keep it simple. You will lose weight and regain a better control of life.


Thank you for reading the post. Before you go, please leave your comment/suggest for improvement as well as helping others; I do appreciate it.

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