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Some Common Misunderstandings about Urination, Bladder, Prostate, Kidneys, and their Relationships?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

My lifelong professional observation confirms the following 3 potential misunderstandings:

1. Prostate Size v.s. Voiding Trouble?

The size of prostate is not linearly proportional to the degree of LUTS. In other words, a large prostate does not mean always having trouble to void and a small prostate does not mean always being free of voiding trouble, although a larger prostate is more prone to have problematic urination.

2. Relationship between Bladder and Kidneys?

Good or bad kidneys have nothing to do with being good or bad in bladder and urination since kidneys are meant for managing water, electrolytes, blood pressure control, red blood cell production, vitamin D production, etc., and urinary bladder is merely for personal convenience in storing and emptying urine.

3. The Look inside Prostate Urethra v.s. Voiding Trouble?

The degree of visual blockage of prostate urethra as seen in scope examination is not necessary to reflect its potential effects onto the bladder wall as commonly shown with trabeculation, cellule, saccule, or diverticulum; these in turn reflect that we were not born equal as well as at what stage of voiding trouble is being developed as men age.

The degree of bladder wall irregularity from bladder outlet obstruction as visualized on cystourethrscopy (scope exam of urethra and bladder) reflects individual variation in the strength and structure of bladder wall in attesting that we are not born equal like the condition of developing inguinal hernia in some without any strenuous physical activity as opposed to some others who would never develop an inguinal hernia despite

their lifelong hard physical activities.

Note: Of course, always interact with your urologists to clarify whatever any questions or concerns you may have in mind. Yet, with the information you explore from the related posts, you surely can become more knowledgeable and effective in communicating with your doctors. Best wishes for good timely medical care.

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