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Testimonials on Weight Control

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Success Stories to Share

Overweight is common nowadays. People make no comment on someone's weight to meet the high demand of political correctness. But the stories of success in losing weight are abound.


As a board-certified practicing urologist, weight control is not my business but I concern the general well-being of patients as my sure duty well beyond prescribing medication and performing surgery, which I have mastered. Hence, if time allows, I take a special interest in addressing how to improve general well-being. My patients and their family listened and carried out what I suggested. Here below are 3 stories to share:

Case 1:

Below is another patient and his wife's confession. They 're not my patients but someone heard my name and visited my website,, and learned how to lose weight from the above article I wrote.

The approach described above has worked well for them and they wished to share their story of success with you as follows:


Dr Lin,

My wife and I have tried several weight loss plans over the past few years. We each needed to lose about 40 pounds. We would lose a small amount of weight only to soon gain it back.

After I met you and you gave me the information regarding secrets to a happy life and other health related information, we went to your website and found this:

"To overcome the challenge in transforming the ideas to actions to curb overweight and obesity, the following regimen is designed with an emphasis on its simplicity and easiness to follow. The key points of this regimen are:

1. Gear up your determination with a sense of burning the bridge to do something for yourself by yourself with decreasing oral consumption and increasing physical activities constantly and persistently.

2. Understand that no magic pill is available. Your will and action are the best possible magic pills that can come by.

3. Take the following actions:

3.1 From the next meal, cut down oral intake by one quarter (1/4). Within one to two months, gradually, cut down oral intake by one third (1/3). Finally, within 3-4 months, cut down oral intake by one half (1/2) and stay at that level.

3.2 Consume a wide variety of foods as many as you can get but decrease their amount

proportionally, cooperate with and follow your doctor’s specific instruction to adjust your needed medications. If you have special concerns for cardiovascular, hepatic or renal health, please follow the instructions from your specialist of the field.

3.3 Minimize the consumption of carbohydrate containing simple sugar.

3.4 Resist the temptation to eat snacks between meals.

3.5 Gradually, increase your physical activities as tolerable and as much as possible.

3.6 Weigh yourself twice a week under the same condition at the same time of the day and keep a serial record of bodyweight. In general, you will decrease your weight by one quarter (1/4) or one half (1/2) and even to one (1) pound a week.

Please keep it simple. You will lose weight and regain a better control of life."

Dr. Lin, we have each lost about 20 pounds in the past 4 months and have a much healthier lifestyle. We don't eat anything containing sugar, we don't snack between meals and we walk 2 miles each day. We each need to lose about 20 more pounds and we believe that, by following your advice, we will be at our target weight very soon.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Bob and Darcy Cartmill


Note: Both Bod and Darcy are indeed a lucky couple and have not needed to buy any products for weight loss from me. In fact, I

absolutely have no products to sell at all. They just followed the simple and clear step-by-step instructions as what they confessed.

Congratulations-a-million to them.

Case 2:

W. P., 56-year, man, came to see me for personal concern. Evaluation confirmed he has multiple chronic illnesses including morbid obesity of 386 pounds. During counseling for the importance of high quality direct self-service after history taking and physical exam, he suddenly sobbed. I asked him what happened and if I said something wrong. He responded with a forced grin and said, "Nothing wrong, just me." Five months later, he eagerly told me that he has lost 71 pounds since last visit. I asked how he lost so much weight in 5 months. He smiled and told me proudly, "I just thought over what you told me about life and followed everything you said at office and you described in the website. Of course, I did not prescribe medication or provide a diet. This gentleman lost a total of 97 pounds in one year. He felt better, happier, more energetic and agile.

Case 3:

M.K. 58-year man returned with his 41-year wife to report his decision on how to treat his prostate cancer two months after counseling for positive finding of prostate cancer from biopsy. At the moment of decision making, his wife said to me graciously with a smile, "I trust you, doc, because you have helped me before." I was surprised and asked her, "You has never been my patient and how I could help you." She replied, "I have lost 42 pounds since the last visit I came to see you with my husband." I asked her how and what she did to lose 42 pounds in 2 months. She said, "I quietly listened to what you said in counseling my

husband about life and prostate cancer. I just followed all what you said to my husband at office and what you described in your website about self-care and weight loss." Evidently, she did not use fat-shedding medication and on a special diet but just eating less and moving and exercising more.


Of note, I cannot stress enough how important the Universal Healthy Lifestyle may benefit our life in the fight against over-weight, obesity, cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, drug use, and many others.

Despite this obvious importance, you may wonder why the result in fight against overweight and obesity has been so poor. While debates on its causes and solutions abound and last, here I would like to offer what I have observed and noticed to share with you.

Of no doubt, the atmosphere around us affects our life because it constantly and subtly hints us to do something to serve the need for someone to gain something from us. So, it's logical to look into what are the features of our social atmosphere that can induce such power to suggest and direct personal and social behaviors.

In my mind, the constant bombardment by the messages for political correctness and commercialism , which deliver what we like, love, and want to hear, but not what we need to hear, has done its tricks to assert its intended firepower to control our life.

So, to change our life, we have to hear what we need to hear. But it's hard, yet can be done.

How? Read on.

To review a wake-up call for realistic weight control, please click " Update on Weight Control"

Together, we can make an instant, great difference for us and others..., and the world by simply exploring our inborn (Click!) Invisible Natural Resources.

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