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The Most Common Chronic Killers of Life? - Overindulgence and Obsession!

Hi! Dear Life Enthusiasts, Family Members, Friends, and ...,

Welcome back and Dr. Lin would like to share the ideas on how to live a long happy life, which may be either he picked up somewhere in the Internet or he figured out through his personal and professional lifelong experience.

As well, never out of fashion, it has led the pack of hot subjects and incited never-ending attention and countless discussion everywhere in personal, social, or commercial settings.

While we have been exhausting the imagination and innovation so to search for a win on how to live a long happy life, over decades' effort, how close are we to achieve that goal?

Yes, a stride in striving to live a long happy life has been made but, in reality, reached its limit as the highest genetic power can reached, roughly around 90 years old. Up to that age, physiologically and socially, a longer living on has become impossible.

Genetically, further scientific manipulation to live longer may be possible; but how to live beyond current genetic threshold will surely become socially unsustainable burdens. Even thought maybe possible, it will never happen in our foreseeable future; of course, way after

our leaving the current stage of life.

Then, how can we live a longer, happier life? The answer to this question is simple and straight for all willing souls, but maybe difficult for those who have fallen victims to political correctness and commercialism and, as a result, become their own worst enemies; consequently, they prefer and used to hear what they like, want, and love to hear, but hesitate, refuse, and hate to hear what they need to hear, i.e., the available truth and facts of life.

The first step to take is to realize, understand, and accept the available truth and facts of life. To explore these messages, welcome to http:

// and

After perusing both pages, I'm sure all willing souls will gain a great confident insight on how to realistically live a long happy life. From there, you become well equipped with will firepower to overcome overindulgence and obsession, which have been known to be the

commonest chronic killers of life, yet least mentioned due to the joint power of social coercion of political correctness and commercialism.

Now we know what is th core matter of and the answer to the problem and question on how to look nicer, feel better, and live longer.

Knowing something is not enough and still useless, but will become useful to us only and only until we are willing and able to translate this understanding into actions in daily living so to eventually become a part of our life.

Here comes the Magic Oil Mix to Power and Run the Human Engine, which is the surest thing can move us and all willing souls to a higher ground of readiness and preparedness to serve, care, and love ourselves and all others around us with substance-loaded actions - not just

sweet talks. So, put this Magic Oil Mix into right use, which costs us nothing with all proven positive benefits and no negative effects; why don't we use it but leave it idle, unused, and dilapidated?

In time, then the value of messages will radiate and display all day long to surprise the people around you about your change to not just become more alert, functional, and productive from what you do, but, in time, more independent and less burdensome than ever.

Consequently, you have climbed up to a higher ground of readiness and preparedness to serve, care, and love yourselves and others with substance - not lip service by just saying "I love you...."

And I will talk with you soon.

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Ending Note

If you like the message for bettering ourselves and the world, please let your family, friends … and anyone you know and care, send me their email so I can have them included for getting future issues and enjoying the benefit of FREE wellness Newsletter. I'm sure the message will

way be much better and beneficial than a piece of chocolate or a cup of coffee.

And if you have any further questions or arrangement about what I can do for you, just email Dr. Lin to with your specifics and he will respond in person or in the upcoming e-Wellness Newsletter.

(James) Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

Certified urologist, Award-winning author, Public Speaker, Copywriter

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