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What and How Should We Exercise? - to put "Use It or Lose It." to Work for a Long Happy Life

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Key Points

Essential and could not be overstated.

Hi! Dear Life Enthusiasts,

Hi! Dr. Lin's back here .. let's be together and hand in hand to roll onward and materialize our RESOLVE 2013 set out at year-end 2013.

I hope you have applied the principles and specifics about "What and how should we eat?" described in the December 2013 issue into your daily eating and drinking, especially during the highs of seasonal festivities, in which cheer and wishing abound, foods and sweeties aplenty, distraction and attraction overflow, and challenge to hold on self-control heightens; and you did it and have taken charge of what and how you eat.

Despite these, I would like to congratulate all of you became the winners of enjoying that seasonal rush of joy.

Now, the nonstop time speed-train just ran through the final gate of 2013 couple weeks ago and is adventuring into the new frontier of 2014 to explore: Life is a process of constant struggle to cope with reality, certainly, and uncertainty of daily living for survival, growth, and


As just witnessed, the beginning of 2014 has already started off with the coldest weather in most parts of the US that we have never had over the past quarter century. In days, the mother nature will warm us up, and we get be ready to continue constant struggle to cope with anything maybe in our way. Are you ready? Let's roll up sleeves to push forward along the one-way street of life.

How to be ready to adventure our life?

Though locale changes and time moves, the tools for living a long happy life has remained the same forever, timeless, and unchanged - Universal Healthy Lifestyle:

1. Eat, enjoy, and control the foods, and don't let foods control us;

2. Practice quality mental and physical exercises every single day, but avoid any forms of overindulgence and obsession;

3. Sleep sound and well for at least 6-8 hours every single day, but preferably at night;

4. Meditate to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious;

5. Follow currently available reasonable, realistic medical advice as needed.

These high FIVEs will surely guarantee all willing persons to have the best possible chance to live a longer, happier life.

What Is Next?

That is move and exercise after food consumption supplying us all needed nutrition. Doing so will surely and well distribute our taken-in nutrition to nourish all the tissues and organs of our bodies to keep us viable and alive. So we're alert and ready with energy and ability to take on our expected daily personal and professional chores and tasks. And, never light up and lay back, but move and move regularly, preferably once or twice daily for at least 10 minutes. That's totally 20 minutes, which comports enormous healthy benefit to our life.

Why Do We Need to Exercise?

What does really move and exercise mean to our life? Without a doubt, through active intentional moving all the joints from the neck down to feet within their acceptable range of motion, the tissues, tendons, ligaments, and muscles holding the joints will loose up and

pump the circulation in and out there.

Remember, the common sense, "use it or lose it.", will take its effect to help benefit all participants, the doers, that is, you within the circle of a March to Long Happy Life for All.

So, don't sit lax and still, but move and move regularly and mindfully.

How Do We Exercise?

To get exercise going, we have a ton of ways and equipment around and recycling to motivate us to move and exercise. But the real motivator is ourselves because we move the machine and equipment so to help strengthen our muscles, bones, and joints together as solid, sturdy frame to project our sharp and image, and the machine and equipment would not move us.

So, keep things simple and move mindfully with the following suggestions:

1. Mindset: Gear up the mindset of "Use it or lose it!", "No one can do for us but ourselves."

2. Attitude:

Use exercise as the ways of reinforcing mental and physical connection. How? Exercise mindfully to habitually lock out those annoying thoughts out of your mind.

3. Techniques:

Gently and actively move all the points from neck to toes within their acceptable range of motion to all possible imaginable direction for 5-10 times. Of course, start out with one, two, or three times and gradually increase the times you can tolerate at the time. .

4. Where?:

Consider daily moving around for personal and occupational chores and tasks as the time of exercising, such as less taking elevators and more walking hallway, stairways, and parking lots if any possible. Largely all these spaces are free and in the same time the activities during daily personal and occupational moving around come with productivities.

Of course, supervised and group exercises with all many equipments involved like those in local YMCA and commercially available gymnastic facility / clubs, have their inherent merits such as extra nudging motivation, but come with extra time and money as long as you have time and money to spare.

For myself, I have made my body mentally and physically exercised as described during daily living at work, in the home and additional regular exercises to move around my neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, spine, back, chest, abdomen, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles, toes to reach their range of motion fitting my personal need and ability for 10 minutes twice every single day. So, I'm still nimble, swift in daily professional and personal jobs with delivering high productivity, taking charge of independence, and leaving less or no burden to others.

5. Position:

May be sitting, standing, squatting, lying depending on what parts or which points that you would like and need to exercise.

Caution and Precaution

Watch for safety. Remember, nothing is free or perfect, and everything comes with its price. Let common sense and currently available knowledge dictate our decision-making and action-taking to benefit our life.

Don't overdo it. If any doubt comes to mind, talk with any knowledgeable trustworthy persons or consult with professionals. But still remember, don't let political correctness and commercialism fuzz up our minds and mislead you; as well, don't let the desire for what

you like as imposed by political correctness and commercialism in overdrive overtake what you really need.


All willing persons are guaranteed to see their own slowly but surely progressive improvement in mental and physical composure. They may be surprised to notice how they become more capable to get what they like, love, want, and need from what they do in daily life and living.

Keep in mind

As unguarded public, we have been constantly bombarded and hypnotized by tons and tons of exciting news from all sorts of media about what the miraculous discoveries in physical and mental fitness from guru and industries. Although we have got used to hear something being best, perfect, excellent, cured, guaranty, free, in reality, the scenarios to fit these exciting descriptive words are extremely rare, almost never, yet at best, just reasonable and conditional.

Bottom Line and Success of Living

Regardless of what you do, you can proudly and confidently proclaim your success in living an active vibrant life as long as you can capture and secure the sense of comfort and control from what you do reaching an admirably high level of functionality, productivity, and

independence, but leaving no or little burden to others.

Then, you're the winners of daily living, but don't forget to share your achievement with others so we, together, can build a circle of Worldwide Online Community to March for Long Happy Life for All. And we're helping each other and we're great. Why not?

Last note

Trust me, there is absolutely no such a miracle around. But if any, the healthy lifestyle, that we have been talking about, should be the very core foundation of health medical care as well as the key and magic to longevity and happiness.

There's no easy way out although political correctness and commercialism have misled most of us to believe there is such a thing of being best, excellent, perfect, free, cured, guaranteed....

Best wishes to your health and happiness as the winners of yearly Resolve.

(James) Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

Board-Certified Retired Urologist, Award-winning author, Speaker


What I described and discussed is based what I have known through lifelong study and practice in medicine, and not intended to replace the timely attention and care from qualified medical professionals. So, if any doubt, consult your medical providers.

Response & Appreciation

Your response and comment will be appreciated. Together, we can make ourselves and the world better than ever.

Dr. Lin can speak on:

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2. Uplift Corporate Productivity Beyond Traditional Raise, Recognition, and Empowerment;

3. Guaranteed Fast Return to Happiness.

To learn the foundation of his authentic, unique concept and practice marching to a long, active, vibrant, happy life, please either visit or read the book, What Is Life? To Live A Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life.

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And if you have any further questions or arrangement about what I can do for you, just email Dr. Lin to with your specifics and he will respond in person or in the upcoming e-Wellness Newsletter.


(James) Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

Board-Certified Retired Urologist, Award-winning author, Public Speaker

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