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What are the Riots under Totalitarianism?極權主義下的暴動?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

What are the Riots under Totalitarianism?

Background 背景

Why is it important to explore and discuss the related issues of riots today? It is because the social unrests with noising, beating, disrupting, robbing, and sabotaging are incessantly happening to the American society during and after the US 11/3/2020 presidential election under the call and cover for asserting the Blacks Lives Matter (BLM) and anti-Fascism.


Hence, it is mandatory for all responsible citizens to realize and understand what is going on in society and how we can tame and contain such so we can live in the supposedly free open safe American society.


What is a riot? 什麼是騷亂?

Generally speaking, in a democratic society, a peaceful demonstration is legally allowed. Occasionally, a riot may occur and become a disorderly noisy violent social activity by local people to protest something unreasonable like laws or policy of the government, but not allowed because of its social disruption.


What is a Riot under Totalitarianism? 極權主義下的暴動是什麼?

Under such a regime, a peaceful protest could easily turn into a "riot", which is intentionally and secretly incited by the government, through its same premeditated formula. To ignite a "riot", the totalitarian regime will always self-direct and self-perform the riot to surely galvanize social unrest. As a result, the regime gains all its wanted excuses to arrest the self-defending people who are actually beaten by totalitarian regimes.


Where have such riots happened in the world? 世界上哪裡發生過此類騷亂?

Such disrupting political scenes happened during the KMT's white-colored terrorism of more than 40 years in Taiwan, and now recurring in Hong Kong and many places in mainland China under the CCP orchestration, and in Myanmar as supported and even directed by the CCP. Currently, the CCP is secretly exporting these tactics to any places it can get hands-on including the US to fulfill its big dream of subversion and control of the world.


Why and how are such riots incited by the regime?


Today, the answer to this question is simple and clear with no secret. Social unrest surely ignites a continual process of social self-disruption, self-consumption, self-confliction, self-weakening, self-destruction, and self-demise through its established so-called BLUE-GOLD-YELLOW scheme. BLUE consists of all forms of its bought-out media control and propaganda; GOLD provides hidden "free" money with real money, stocks, free meals, lodging, and traveling; YELLOW is to entertain its targets with sexual attractions by beautiful specially-trained ladies. In the process of corrupting its political preys, all your participated activities are secretly recorded for later control and coercion, and so you are trapped for later killing but under a malicious cover of pretentious super kindness and generosity. Obviously, what is happening in the US and notably in Taiwan are typical examples.

今天,這個問題的答案是簡單明了,沒有秘密。社會動盪無疑通過其已建立的所謂的藍金黃色計劃,點燃了社會自我破壞,自我消費,自我衝突,自我弱化,自我毀滅和自我消亡的持續過程。 BLUE包括各種形式的買斷式媒體控制和宣傳; GOLD提供隱藏的“免費”貨幣,包括真實貨幣,股票,免費膳食,住宿和旅行; YELLOW將通過受過專門訓練的美麗女士們的性吸引力來娛樂自己的目標。在破壞其政治獵物的過程中,您所有參與的活動都被秘密記錄下來,以備日後控制和脅迫,因此,您被困在以後的殺戮中,但被偽裝成超級友善和慷慨大意。顯然,美國(尤其是台灣)正在發生的事情就是典型的例子。

How could we limit such unwanted social damage and destruction?


Although inciting riots can vent some feeling of anger and hatred for a while, in a long term, no reasonable acceptable solution to the issues of concerns in dispute could be reached and secured, but surely deepen and widen the gap between issues and solutions.


Fortunately, the practice of democracy in the US has provided the best possible quality of openness, transparency, and supervision, which has evolved the American society to today's state of social harmony and prosperity, which is historically unprecedented.


Besides the above reminder, let us work together to make sure that we do not fall victim to the social misery of cheating political delusions as described at



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