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What Is Discrimination?

What is Discrimination? 什麼是歧視?

Introduction 介紹

Speaking of discrimination, the first thing that may creep up the mind could be the ongoing intense social issues and debates of racial discrimination. The related matters have incited tons of beating, stopping, and robbing, as we have witnessed almost every day in the streets of many cities and communities all over the US.


How does feeling discriminated come from? 歧視的感覺是怎麼來的?

Looking up any English dictionary, discriminating something means telling apart the difference or distinction between or among matters or items, but with partiality in favor of certain ones. Nowadays, the term, racial discrimination, has been a sticky focus of endless disputes and debates, even leading to a lot of unnecessary physical fighting in the free civilized world like in the US.


How could we mitigate and even entirely stop the occurrence of such unwanted, undesirable events?


Since two items, matters, or persons are never perfectly the same in their external and internal, or visible and invisible features. Yet, the sign of Black Lives Matter has been popularly displayed and observed in many communities, especially in the Democratic governing ones.


To quell this unwanted social unrest, we have to look into the core of the issues involved about what could be a possible solution to the difficult issues. Since all the matters are related to life and living, through my lifelong mind search for the answers, I am convinced that we have to consider what are the goals, the contents, the ways, and the social structure of life. In fact, since day one of humanity to the present, the above-mentioned matters/issues have been perfectly the same and never changed a bit. For the details of these, please go to “Similarity Forges Affinity” at

為了平息這些不必要的社會動盪,我們必須深入研究所涉及的問題的核心,了解如何解決這些棘手的問題。既然所有的事情都與生活和生活息息相關,通過我畢生的頭腦尋找答案,我相信我們必須考慮生活的目標、內容、方式和社會結構。事實上,從人類第一天到現在,上面提到的事情/問題一直都是一樣的,沒有一點變化。有關這些的詳細信息,請訪問 上的“Similarity Forges Affinity”。

In addition to the above-mentioned fundamental social differences, beneath the skin and behind external different features, the appearance, structure, and function of all kinds of cells, organs, and physiologic systems under microscopic and pathophysiological studies, are almost identically the same. Hence, blood transfusion and organ transplantation for life-saving can freely take place interracially.

除了上述基本的社會差異外, 在皮膚之下和外在特徵不同的背後, 在微觀和病理生理學研究下, 各種細胞、器官和生理系統的外觀、結構和功能幾乎完全相同。 因此, 用於挽救生命的輸血和器官移植可以在不同種族之間自由進行。

Conclusion 結論

From the known physiological and social standpoints of life, we are all the same. Why do we have to discriminate against each other? I hope the above discussion and information may help diffuse and dilute the traditional block of racial stereotypes and pave the way to the land of better living together with optimal peace, richer prosperity, and maximal happiness.


After your reading, please leave your comments, scrutinies, and suggestions for more precise future writing. Together, we can make our world a better place for all to live a long, healthy, happy life with peace and prosperity.


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