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Who Is Your Best Friend?

Who With What Could be Your Best Friend?




This quest is constant in mind, but its pursuit continues and lasts forever with no tough-down to its answer in sight for most — in fact, almost for all.

這個追求是永恆的, 但它的追求仍在繼續並永遠持續下去, 對於大多數人來說, 它的答案看不到硬傷——事實上, 幾乎對所有人來說。

And I am one of them. This life fact has bothered me immensely, but I refuse to be tortured by the personal pressure. So, I keep pursuing and searching for the answer to “Who With What Could Be My Best Friend?”

而我就是其中之一。這個生活事實讓我非常煩惱, 但我拒絕被個人壓力所折磨。所以, 我一直在追尋“誰有什麼可以成為我最好的朋友?”的答案。

What Is A Friend? 什麼是朋友?

The definition of friend widely varies among people and literature. As a result, many stories filled with excitement, happiness, and inspiration have been, fictionally or non-fictionally, written, and easily found in tons of literature in history.

朋友的定義因人和文學而異。結果, 許多充滿興奮、快樂和靈感的故事被虛構或非虛構地寫成, 並且很容易在歷史上的大量文學作品中找到。

Yet, have you found one suiting you for life yet? If you did, congratulate; if not yet, I find one for you, but I hope you may like this one.

然而, 你找到適合你的生活了嗎?如果你做到了, 恭喜你;如果還沒有, 我為你找了一個, 但我希望你會喜歡這個。

To me, I like and want a friend possible with me all the time if possible. But What will, and may, this friend look like?

對我來說, 如果可能的話, 我喜歡並希望一直和我在一起。但是, 這個朋友會是什麼樣子呢?

Friends in Life Reality 現實生活中的朋友

Known to all, every human has her/his life to live and unfold, just like yours. It is impossible to be with you all the time to meet what you want and need, even your direct family members and relatives.

眾所周知, 每個人都有她/他的生活要生活和展開, 就像你一樣。不可能一直陪在你身邊, 滿足你想要的和需要的, 甚至是你的直系親屬和親戚。

The Best Friend 最好的朋友

Such a friend i

s yourself. How does she/he look like? I definitely like this friend with the following characters:


1. being honest with no pretense, - 1. 誠實不做作,

2. staying with me all the time, - 2.一直陪著我,

3. supporting me with truth and facts of life, - 3. 用生活的真相和事實支持我,

4. allowing me to be free and independent, and - 4.讓我自由和獨立, 以及

5. making me to survive, grow, and live on as well and as long as possible.

5. 讓我盡可能地生存、成長和生存。

Meeting the above-listed requests, over lifetime, I like my such best friend adorned with many common senses as listed in the post on “List of Common Sense — Truth & Facts of Life” at

滿足上面列出的要求, 在我的一生中, 我喜歡我最好的朋友, 上面有許多常識, 如在 上的“常識清單 — 生活的真相和事實”的帖子中所列生活常識後/清單。

The Answer To The Best Friend 最好的朋友的答案

It is yourself, no one else. Please use the above thoughts to create and build up your best friend, who is willing to and will stay with you forever, and you will surely be happy and controlling life.

是你自己, 不是別人。請用以上思想去創造和建立你最好的朋友, 他願意並且會永遠和你在一起, 你一定會快樂和掌控生活。

Thank you for reading if you do. Afterwards, please leave your criticism, scrutiny, comment, and suggestion for better writing in the future. Best wish for your health and happiness!

如果您願意, 感謝您的閱讀。之後, 請留下您的批評, 審查, 評論和建議, 以便將來更好地寫作。祝您身體健康, 幸福快樂!

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