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Why & How Can ALM - All Lives Matter Help Induce & Nurture a Long-lasting Peace for All Forever?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Background of the Issues and Concerns


In wake of the US unprecedented election-related social unrest, all these unwanted social chaos were initially and subsequently associated with so-called Black Lives Matter or BLM or later White Lives Matter or WLM.


All these related social disruption and hatred as pointed out have been unnecessarily and even maliciously consuming the beauty and strength of America, which the forbearers of America have been working to assure the integrity of the US Constitution of "In God We Trust." to continue. In my view and perception, the fundamental causes for all these unwanted things are from Social Misery from non-factual but fictional Cheating Political Delusions" as described in


Clearly, as a responsible US citizen, I obligate to promote and propagate the concept and practice of All Lives Matter - ALM, which surely bears its magic power to help one another live a peaceful long, healthy, happy life for all.


Why and How for and from All Lives Matter?


My personal and professional observation and experience nudge me to come up the following points on life reality to share with you as follows:


- The quality of an entity always represents the ultimate accumulation of the entity's past. An entity may be an individual, couple, family, any groups of any size, nation, and the whole world.


- Every life is a piece of common property of all humans.


- Regardless of race, gender, religion, education, occupation, social positions over a lifetime, the goals, contents, ways, and roles of life have been always the same forever from day 1 of human existence to the present.


- Goals of life: survival, growth, and continuation to live on as well and as long as possible.


- Contents of life: always, directly and indirectly, related with observing, searching, improving, and perfecting the matters for foods to secure survival and growth and for sex to assure endless procreation.


- Ways of life: a changing and adjusting dynamic process of constant struggles to cope with daily living for survival, growth, and continuation to live on.


- Technically, life is a process of managing a long list of relationships; the first relationship is you with your own life, from which you gain energy and the ability to further managing the relationship of you with your immediate, intermediate, and distant family members, relatives, friends, coworkers, organizations, institutions, society, nation, and the whole world.


- Again, it is worth repeating the importance of unknowingly falling into the deep trap of non-factual and fictional cheating political delusions as alluded above, within which the victims become angry and villainously violent to disrupt the society to ventilate the pressure of anger.


Conclusion 結論

Evidently, the movement of All Lives Matter - ALM can surely inspire the people of like mind to coherently cooperate, nurture, and secure the beauty and strength of mutual benefits so to materialize fulfilling a long-lasting peace for all forever; of course, never be best, but be better.


On the other hand, Black Lives Matter - BLM or White Live Matter - WLM is a form of self-consumption and self-destruction through self-imposed, self-depraved, distorted discrimination. As a result, the middlemen/women like politicians as controllers or manipulators take control of the stupefied mob - the ordinary people - in other words, becoming the slaves of the controllers.


So, let us go for ALM and stop BLM or WLM so to forge a long-lasting peace for all forever.


Note 筆記

Thank you for reading the post. Please leave comment and suggestion for improvement below.


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